Wednesday, May 18, 2022

In Shadow by Susan Isla Tepper

Across a frozen pond your figure

in shadow, black

and featureless

A stand of fir as backdrop 

for protection 

though you were unaware

And, so still— as if  

you’d dropped down 

from masses of clouds 

to assess

or perhaps see me one last time.

Susan Isla Tepper is a twenty years published writer in all genres.  Her current project is an Off-Broadway Play on the subject of art and life.

Saturday, April 30, 2022

I Grew Up Here By Jake St. John

I grew up here 
over that 
covered in moss 
and through the woods 
down the hill 
and across the creek 
we found the cemetery 
basking on the hill
in the early
summer sun
of  innocence

and there
through the barbed wire 
between those trees
and a rotted wagon wheel
is the path 
that leads down 
to the sandbank 
where a hobo
had set up camp
for a spell
and we weren't 
to play there 

but we still did

and over there
under that small 
pine tree 
is where 
three of my dogs 
are buried 
and one cat 
and maybe 



Jake St. John is a one time co-winner of the April 20th, 2022 Hartford Yard Goats "Stud of the Game".

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Citizens of the World by Susan Isla Tepper

I am the girl who flies on a bird
the one who had to get away

Did you spot us gliding 
through clouds and blue
before the bombs went off

Citizens of the world, we two

Fly higher than 
what they can destroy 

Elusive as pollen—
No longer land-bound
perhaps all a myth
perhaps after all. 

Susan Isla Tepper is a twenty years published writer in all genres.  Her current project is an Off-Broadway Play on the subject of art and life

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Bright Shine By Luis CuauhtĂ©moc Berriozábal

Down by the river
I found a finger.

Who lost it?
It is a fat finger.
It has a ring with a bright shine.

It is night.
I have insomnia.

I look at the moon.
It too has a bright shine.
Soon I will be home.

Somewhere someone
is somewhere else
who lost a fat finger
and a shiny ring.

Luis lives in California and works in Los Angeles in the mental health field. His latest book, Make the Water Laugh, was published by Rogue Wolf Press. Recent work has appeared in Ariel Chart, Blue Collar Review,

Dope Fiend Daily, Rye Whiskey Review, and Unlikely Stories.


Saturday, March 26, 2022

This House By Kevin M. Hibshman

It was supposed to represent new beginnings.

You had visions of living in it as a child.

We were going to keep busy maintaining it.

You had plans to paint the walls.

We were going to entertain both new friends and old ones.

They would aid us in making a history that would gain richness

through the years.

I would write.

You would paint.

There would be unscripted adventures.

Surprises that help keep us alive.

We filled it with plants the cats set about savaging.

Their antics eased the disappointment and sacrifice.

You grew weaker as I cowered in the corners.

None of the many doctors had much to say.

The appliances all began to break down.

I doubted they would ever be replaced.

Kevin M. Hibshman has had poems published in many journals and magazines world wide.
 In addition, he has edited his poetry zine, Fearless, since 1990 and is the author of sixteen chapbooks including Love Sex Death Dreams (Green Bean Press, 2000) and Incessant Shining (Alternating Current, 2011).

His current book Just Another Small Town Story from Whiskey City Press is currently available on Amazon.

Monday, March 14, 2022

Parallel Lines by Susan Isla Tepper

Not remembered—
Any clock.  

Parallel lines through 
a desert where
water was impossible.
We came through it
delivered our goods
turned back.

Marked time’s
infinity in space.

Night dropped blind
as a mask.
Once in a while
it blew in, violent.
Almost reluctant,
shrinking the shadows.

Susan Isla Tepper is a twenty years published writer in all genres.  Her current project is an Off-Broadway Play on the subject of art and life.

Thursday, March 3, 2022

A Favour By Ian Lewis Copestick

I really don't know
if I am ready to meet
another woman yet,
after my wife dying
only nine months ago.

I don't know if I am
ready for another
sexual relationship.

So, I'm asking my
friends, will you let
me borrow your
partners ?

Just as a kind of
experiment ?

I'll spend the night
with your wives, and

I'm not saying that
anything is going to

It probably/possibly won't.

But, you'll be doing me
a really good favour.

I'd really appreciate it.

I mean, we are friends
aren't we ? 

Ian Lewis Copestick is a 48 year old writer (I prefer that term to poet ) from Stoke on Trent, England. I spend most of my life sitting,  thinking then sometimes writing. I have been published in Anti Heroin Chic, the Dope Fiend Daily, Outlaw Poetry, Synchronized Chaos, the Rye Whiskey Review, Medusa's Kitchen and Horror Sleaze Trash.